Friday, May 2, 2014

Real Bride's Story - Same Sex Marriages

Jennifer Edwards' Real Bride Story: 

So we decided to get married last January - only we couldn't actually get
married back then so embarked on planning our civil partnership! We took to planning straight away and now, nearly a year and a half on we are very nearly there!

Last month it was announced that we could legally marry and despite the differences in civil partnerships and marriages are not overly obvious we were keen to change our plans to a marriage. This didn't involve much simply changing the paperwork and re submitting our notices to marry in the registry office.

I'd say the planning has been exactly the same as a heterosexual marriage really and we haven't experienced any negativity along the way although we did struggle to find a large free standing Mrs and Mrs sign - something a friend made for us in the end!

We also took a lot of time in planning our entrance as neither me or my fiancé wanted to wait at the front for the bride! 2 brides could mean either a joint entrance or 2 entrances we thought! So fingers crossed at the end of this month we are going to have one of the first amazing same sex marriages in the UK and we can't wait.

Photo credit to:  Jeni Smith Photography