Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Avoid Scammers on Facebook, use registered companies and websites instead.

I am on a few groups and pages on Facebook, and there seems to be an increase in Brides being
scammed or conned.  It seems there are a few people who sell wedding items on Facebook that aren't companies, who just primarily sell items via Facebook sites.  People are told to make sure to use PayPal, in case of any problems, but it seems that many Brides are still being talked out of their hard earned cash.

I would say its always better to buy from registered websites and companies, they know the rules they have to abide by, and they have more security measures in place to make sure you don't get conned.  Please understand, these companies have slightly higher prices because of the outlay they have to have in order to keep the business running.  The sellers on Facebook that have no overheads so can sell the items cheaper for you, but they don't have the professionalism that a website/company has.  They also don't have the commitment that websites have.   

If you do decide to buy from Facebook sellers, always make sure you check if they have had trouble in the past and make sure you use PayPal.  But spare a thought for the businesses that are trying to do their best for you, like us, we keep our prices as low as possible for our customers, but there is always someone willing to make a little less, which, when you have a business and website commitments you cannot compete with.