Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ordering a Wedding dress from China? me too, went ok for me!

When we decided we were getting married, I knew for a fact I didn't want a 'normal' wedding dress. I would have loved a red one, but not wanting to go too OTT, I decided to go for one that was ivory and red.  All the ones I loved were from China and on Ebay.  I bit the bullet and ordered this dress:

a few months later my dress arrived.  It was in a very small plastic bag, well my heart sank.  I had ordered a underskirt too, no way did I think my dress would fit in this bag.

I got it home and tried it on with the underskirt sent, it was no where near as bad as I had thought.  I did make the decision then to buy another underskirt, once this arrived I found that I liked the dress more.

I had a few issues with the dress, apparently wedding dresses from china are very well known for the zips breaking.  Luckily years of time at the theatre and helping my mum make costumes, I fitted a new zip, it fit so much better once I had done this.

I did wonder whether I should buy a new dress, as it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be, and didn't really look like the image.  I think that was the problem I had with the dress, I really thought it would be the same as the image.  Once I had resigned myself to the fact that the dress itself was beautiful, even though it didn't look like the dress I had wanted, I loved it.

These dresses from China seem to have he same idea as the image you are shown. I expected my dress to have layers and layers of tulle, it had one.  The design and detail was the same as I had thought, just the skirt wasn't anywhere near as full as I had thought.

If I was to do this again, I would still go for it and order the dress from China, as even though it may not quite be what you think, it will definitely be worth the price you paid.  Mine was around £150 in total after 2 underskirts (I wore both on the day)