Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Having a Wedding? View our great Wedding Decoration Ideas!

Wedding Decorations

Wedding decorations can make or break your wedding day. Choosing the right colour scheme or theme is essential for making your wedding day special and unique to you. Having been to hundreds of weddings I have seen some amazing weddings that haven't always cost the earth. Start by looking in wedding magazines to pick up ideas and what might be suitable to reflect both the bride and groom. Think about if you want to provide each of your guests with favours . There are hundreds of favour ideas and they don't always have to cost a lot of money. If you have guests sitting on tables who do not know each other it may be an idea to have wedding table trivia to break the ice. Childrens activity packs are a great idea especially during the speeches. Table numbers can be a great way of personalising your wedding by putting the number of the table on one side and a meaningful photo on the other side. Make sure you use sturdy table number holders if you want to use pictures larger than A5. Think about what you want in the centre of the tables and whether you can incorporate them into the evening reception with lights or candles. Be careful about putting candles in flower displays as I have been to more than one wedding where flowers have set on fire. Wedding bubbles are a nice idea for both adults and children. They can also be used as an alternative confetti shot for venues that don't allow confetti. Good luck in all of your preparations.
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